1. 24 Mar, 2012 1 commit
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  5. 14 Feb, 2012 4 commits
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      Fixed missing type casting for configuration values. · 4f0f3c87
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      Fixed Image module tests. Added many critical todos: · 40cc21c8
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      - Config values are not casted to strings (despite promised).
      - Config keys are not casted to strings (although promised, too).
      - XML can be invalid and not parse-able for many reasons.
      - Config keys are not validated/sanitized.
      - config()->clear() should really be ->unset().
      - Configuration must not be additionally cached by a module in any way (static cache / database cache).
      - Some modules invoke drupal_alter() on configuration (e.g., image styles).
      - Need a way to list config object names/suffixes _after_ a specified prefix.
      - Need a way to determine whether a config object exists.
      - Some modules might have a valid use-case for retrieving/listing config objects using a wildcard within the name (instead of only searching by prefix).
      - The key of a retrieved value is unknown; since you only get the value.  Configuration values (or sub-values) may be passed forward to another function/callback, and thus, that function no longer knows about the key of the value. (unless the key is contained in the value, which is a very very wonky duplication)
      - Config keys must not contain periods (within a specific key).
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      Fixed coding style. · 64eb1643
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      Added @todo for $config->name property. · 3e65c6d1
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