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Issue #1559506 by finnydobson, JuliaKM, snehi, anil280988,,...

Issue #1559506 by finnydobson, JuliaKM, snehi, anil280988,, jhodgdon, alexpott: Query alter docs need some clarification
parent e3de68b0
......@@ -883,7 +883,9 @@ function node_form_system_themes_admin_form_submit($form, FormStateInterface $fo
* with node access to ensure only nodes to which the user has access are
* retrieved, through the use of hook_query_TAG_alter(). See the
* @link entity_api Entity API topic @endlink for more information on entity
* queries.
* queries. Tagging a query with "node_access" does not check the
* published/unpublished status of nodes, so the base query is responsible
* for ensuring that unpublished nodes are not displayed to inappropriate users.
* Note: Even a single module returning an AccessResultInterface object from
* hook_node_access() whose isForbidden() method equals TRUE will block access
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