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Issue #2298665 by nod_: Fixed Remove dead code in form.js.

parent 2b9631ac
......@@ -40,25 +40,6 @@
* Sends a 'formUpdated' event each time a form element is modified.
Drupal.behaviors.formUpdated = {
attach: function (context) {
// These events are namespaced so that we can remove them later.
var events = 'change.formUpdated click.formUpdated blur.formUpdated keyup.formUpdated';
// Since context could be an input element itself, it's added back to
// the jQuery object and filtered again.
// To prevent duplicate events, the handlers are first removed and then
// (re-)added.
.off(events).on(events, function () {
* Prevents consecutive form submissions of identical form values.
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