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Issue #2046367 by jhodgdon, amateescu, larowlan, juanolalla: Menu routing docs...

Issue #2046367 by jhodgdon, amateescu, larowlan, juanolalla: Menu routing docs do not match what the code is doing.
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use Symfony\Component\Routing\Route;
* @defgroup menu Menu system
* @defgroup menu Menu and routing system
* @{
* Define the navigation menus, and route page requests to code based on URLs.
* The Drupal menu system drives both the navigation system from a user
* perspective and the callback system that Drupal uses to respond to URLs
* passed from the browser. For this reason, a good understanding of the
* menu system is fundamental to the creation of complex modules. As a note,
* this is related to, but separate from menu.module, which allows menus
* (which in this context are hierarchical lists of links) to be customized from
* the Drupal administrative interface.
* The Drupal routing system defines how Drupal responds to URLs passed to the
* browser. The menu system, which depends on the routing system, is used for
* navigation. The Menu module allows menus to be created in the user interface
* as hierarchical lists of links.
* @section registering_paths Registering router paths
* To register a path, you need to add lines similar to this in a
* module.routing.yml file:
* @code
* block.admin_display:
* path: '/admin/structure/block'
* defaults:
* _content: '\Drupal\block\Controller\BlockListController::listing'
* requirements:
* _permission: 'administer blocks'
* @endcode
* @todo Add more information here, especially about controllers and what all
* the stuff in the routing.yml file means.
* @section Defining menu links
* Once you have a route defined, you can use hook_menu() to define links
* for your module's paths in the main Navigation menu or other menus. See
* the hook_menu() documentation for more details.
* @todo The rest of this topic has not been reviewed or updated for Drupal 8.x
* and is not correct!
* @todo It is quite likely that hook_menu() will be replaced with a different
* hook, configuration system, or plugin system before the 8.0 release.
* Drupal's menu system follows a simple hierarchy defined by paths.
* Implementations of hook_menu() define menu items and assign them to
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