Commit fe1e82ee authored by Dries's avatar Dries

- Patch #818136 by dww: some strings in update.module are not translatable.

parent fd0e4caf
......@@ -222,9 +222,10 @@ function update_menu() {
// Customize the titles of the action links depending on where they appear.
$items['admin/reports/updates/install']['title'] = 'Install new module or theme';
$items['admin/modules/install']['title'] = 'Install new module';
$items['admin/appearance/install']['title'] = 'Install new theme';
// We use += array() to let the translation extractor find these menu titles.
$items['admin/reports/updates/install'] += array('title' => 'Install new module or theme');
$items['admin/modules/install'] += array('title' => 'Install new module');
$items['admin/appearance/install'] += array('title' => 'Install new theme');
// Menu callback used for the confirmation page after all the releases
// have been downloaded, asking you to backup before installing updates.
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