Commit fd1a814f authored by webchick's avatar webchick
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#681994 by chx and litwol: Add more descriptive comments for field_attach_query().

parent 100ec14f
......@@ -999,8 +999,8 @@ function field_attach_delete_revision($obj_type, $object) {
* with all operators below. A FieldQueryException will be raised if an
* unsupported condition is specified.
* Supported columns:
* - any of the columns for $field_name's field type: condition on field
* value,
* - any of the columns defined in hook_field_schema() for $field_name's
* field type: condition on field value,
* - 'type': condition on object type (e.g. 'node', 'user'...),
* - 'bundle': condition on object bundle (e.g. node type),
* - 'entity_id': condition on object id (e.g node nid, user uid...),
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