Commit fd0a623f authored by Dries's avatar Dries

- Patch #1201024 by pillarsdotnet: drupal_realpath() should describe when it should be used.

parent 27979342
...@@ -2192,27 +2192,32 @@ function drupal_unlink($uri, $context = NULL) { ...@@ -2192,27 +2192,32 @@ function drupal_unlink($uri, $context = NULL) {
} }
/** /**
* Returns the absolute path of a file or directory * Returns the absolute local filesystem path of a stream URI.
* *
* PHP's realpath() does not properly support streams, so this function * This function was originally written to ease the conversion of 6.x code to
* fills that gap. If a stream wrapped URI is provided, it will be passed * use 7.x stream wrappers. However, it assumes that every URI may be resolved
* to the registered wrapper for handling. If the URI does not contain a * to an absolute local filesystem path, and this assumption fails when stream
* scheme or the wrapper implementation does not implement realpath, then * wrappers are used to support remote file storage. Remote stream wrappers
* FALSE will be returned. * may implement the realpath method by always returning FALSE. The use of
* drupal_realpath() is discouraged, and is slowly being removed from core
* functions where possible.
* *
* @see * Only use this function if you know that the stream wrapper in the URI uses
* * the local file system, and you need to pass an absolute path to a function
* Compatibility: normal paths and stream wrappers. * that is incompatible with stream URIs.
* @see
* *
* @param $uri * @param $uri
* A string containing the URI to verify. * A stream wrapper URI or a filesystem path, possibly including one or more
* symbolic links.
* *
* @return * @return
* The absolute pathname, or FALSE on failure. * The absolute local filesystem path (with no symbolic links), or FALSE on
* failure.
* *
* @see realpath() * @see DrupalStreamWrapperInterface::realpath()
* @see
* @ingroup php_wrappers * @ingroup php_wrappers
* @todo: This function is deprecated, and should be removed wherever possible.
*/ */
function drupal_realpath($uri) { function drupal_realpath($uri) {
// If this URI is a stream, pass it off to the appropriate stream wrapper. // If this URI is a stream, pass it off to the appropriate stream wrapper.
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