Commit f94622db authored by Dries's avatar Dries
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- Patch #99948 by neclimdul: added some help text.

parent b2b24319
......@@ -23,6 +23,8 @@ function forum_help($section) {
return '<p>'. t('Containers help you organize your forums. The job of a container is to hold, or contain, other forums that are related. For example, a container named "Food" might hold two forums named "Fruit" and "Vegetables".') .'</p>';
case 'admin/content/forum/add/forum':
return '<p>'. t('A forum holds discussion topics that are related. For example, a forum named "Fruit" might contain topics titled "Apples" and "Bananas".') .'</p>';
case 'admin/content/forum/settings':
return '<p>'. t('These settings provide the ability to fine tune the display of your forum topics.') .'</p>';
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