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- Patch #341038 by jhodgdon, kathyh, sdboyer: Docblock for DatabaseStatementInterface is a bit off.

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......@@ -1896,21 +1896,19 @@ public function rollback() {
* A prepared statement.
* Represents a prepared statement.
* Some methods in that class are purposely commented out. Due to a change in
* Some methods in that class are purposefully commented out. Due to a change in
* how PHP defines PDOStatement, we can't define a signature for those methods
* that will work the same way between versions older than 5.2.6 and later
* versions.
* Please refer to for more details.
* versions. See for more details.
* Child implementations should either extend PDOStatement:
* @code
* class DatabaseStatement_oracle extends PDOStatement implements DatabaseStatementInterface {}
* @endcode
* or implement their own class, but in that case they will also have to
* implement the Iterator or IteratorArray interfaces before
* or define their own class. If defining their own class, they will also have
* to implement either the Iterator or IteratorAggregate interface before
* DatabaseStatementInterface:
* @code
* class DatabaseStatement_oracle implements Iterator, DatabaseStatementInterface {}
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