Commit f735aa35 authored by webchick's avatar webchick
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#728090 by alexjarvis: Fixed 'Revision information' can have incorrect summary

parent 71c4e3ec
......@@ -5,9 +5,17 @@
Drupal.behaviors.nodeFieldsetSummaries = {
attach: function (context) {
$('fieldset.node-form-revision-information', context).drupalSetSummary(function (context) {
return $('.form-item-revision input', context).is(':checked') ?
Drupal.t('New revision') :
Drupal.t('No revision');
var revisionCheckbox = $('.form-item-revision input', context);
// Return 'New revision' if the 'Create new revision' checkbox is checked,
// or if the checkbox doesn't exist, but the revision log does. For users
// without the "Administer content" permission the checkbox won't appear,
// but the revision log will if the content type is set to auto-revision.
if (':checked') || (!revisionCheckbox.length && $('.form-item-log textarea', context).length)) {
return Drupal.t('New revision');
return Drupal.t('No revision');
$('fieldset.node-form-author', context).drupalSetSummary(function (context) {
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