Commit f641db54 authored by webchick's avatar webchick

Issue #2324211 by Wim Leers: Fixed Multiple requests to /quickedit/attachments...

Issue #2324211 by Wim Leers: Fixed Multiple requests to /quickedit/attachments when only one should happen.
parent 4ed1db5b
......@@ -394,11 +394,18 @@
var metadata = Drupal.quickedit.metadata.get(fieldModel.get('fieldID'));
if (metadata.access && _.indexOf(loadedEditors, metadata.editor) === -1) {
// Set a stub, to prevent subsequent calls to loadMissingEditors() from
// loading the same in-place editor again. Loading an in-place editor
// requires talking to a server, to download its JavaScript, then
// executing its JavaScript, and only then its Drupal.quickedit.editors
// entry will be set.
Drupal.quickedit.editors[metadata.editor] = false;
missingEditors = _.uniq(missingEditors);
if (missingEditors.length === 0) {
// @todo Simplify this once lands.
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