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Issue #1912658 by joshi.rohit100, thsutton, mikebell_, zealfire, pjonckiere,...

Issue #1912658 by joshi.rohit100, thsutton, mikebell_, zealfire, pjonckiere, dawehner: Document views access plugins
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* The base plugin to handle access control.
* Access plugins are responsible for controlling a user's access to the view.
* Views includes plugins for checking user roles and individual permissions.
* To define an access control plugin, extend this base class. Your access
* plugin should have an annotation that includes the plugin's metadata, for
* example:
* @Plugin(
* id = "denyall",
* title = @Translation("No Access"),
* help = @Translation("Will not be accessible.")
* )
* The definition should include the following keys:
* - id: The unique identifier of your access plugin.
* - title: The human-readable name for your access plugin.
* - help: A short help message for your plugin.
* @see \Drupal\views\Plugin\ViewsPluginManager
abstract class AccessPluginBase extends PluginBase {
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