Commit f254213a authored by dawehner's avatar dawehner Committed by tim.plunkett
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Make sure the right JS files are loaded and added a couple of todos.

parent fbd06d6d
......@@ -1008,9 +1008,11 @@ function views_ui_edit_form($form, &$form_state, $view, $display_id = NULL) {
$form['#attached']['library'][] = array('system', 'ui.dialog');
$form['#attached']['library'][] = array('system', 'drupal.ajax');
$form['#attached']['library'][] = array('system', 'jquery.form');
$form['#attached']['library'][] = array('system', 'drupal.states');
// TODO: This should be getting added to the page when an ajax popup calls
// for it, instead of having to add it manually here.
$form['#attached']['js'][] = 'misc/tabledrag.js';
// @TODO: Figure out why this is not a library.
$form['#attached']['js'][] = 'core/misc/tabledrag.js';
$form['#attached']['css'] = views_ui_get_admin_css();
$module_path = drupal_get_path('module', 'views_ui');
......@@ -24,7 +24,9 @@ function views_views_plugins() {
'theme' => 'views_view',
'no ui' => TRUE,
'no remove' => TRUE,
'js' => array('misc/form.js', 'misc/collapse.js', 'misc/textarea.js', 'misc/tabledrag.js', 'misc/autocomplete.js', "$js_path/dependent.js"),
// @todo: replace this with proper libraries.
// @TODO: figure out whether this is still needed, or at least remove depedent.js.
'js' => array('core/misc/form.js', 'core/misc/collapse.js', 'core/misc/textarea.js', 'core/misc/tabledrag.js', 'core/misc/autocomplete.js', "$js_path/dependent.js"),
'use ajax' => TRUE,
'use pager' => TRUE,
'use more' => TRUE,
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