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#516254 by jhodgdon: Remove @return PHPDocs where nothing is returned.

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......@@ -372,27 +372,20 @@ function hook_entity_prepare_view($entities, $type) {
* This hook will only be called if cron.php is run (e.g. by crontab).
* Modules that require to schedule some commands to be executed at regular
* intervals can implement hook_cron(). The engine will then call the hook
* at the appropriate intervals defined by the administrator. This interface
* is particularly handy to implement timers or to automate certain tasks.
* Database maintenance, recalculation of settings or parameters are good
* candidates for cron tasks.
* Short-running or not resource intensive tasks can be executed directly.
* Long-running tasks should use the queue API. To do this, one or more queues
* need to be defined via hook_cron_queue_info(). Items that need to be
* processed are appended to the defined queue, instead of processing them
* directly in hook_cron().
* Examples of jobs that are good candidates for
* hook_cron_queue_info() include automated mailing, retrieving remote data, and
* intensive file tasks.
* @return
* None.
* @see hook_cron_queue_info()
* Modules that require some commands to be executed periodically can
* implement hook_cron(). The engine will then call the hook whenever a cron
* run happens, as defined by the administrator. Typical tasks managed by
* hook_cron() are database maintenance, backups, recalculation of settings
* or parameters, automated mailing, and retrieving remote data.
* Short-running or non-resource-intensive tasks can be executed directly in
* the hook_cron() implementation.
* Long-running tasks and tasks that could time out, such as retrieving remote
* data, sending email, and intensive file tasks, should use the queue API
* instead of executing the tasks directly. To do this, first define one or
* more queues via hook_cron_queue_info(). Then, add items that need to be
* processed to the defined queues.
function hook_cron() {
// Short-running operation example, not using a queue:
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