Commit f14f63cc authored by webchick's avatar webchick
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Issue #1820544 by damiankloip: Tidy up and remove legacy code from views_page_alter().

parent d4315b5a
......@@ -575,13 +575,7 @@ function views_page_alter(&$page) {
// If the main content of this page contains a view, attach its contextual
// links to the overall page array. This allows them to be rendered directly
// next to the page title.
$view = views_get_page_view();
if (!empty($view)) {
// If a module is still putting in the display like we used to, catch that.
if (is_subclass_of($view, 'views_plugin_display')) {
$view = $view->view;
if ($view = views_get_page_view()) {
views_add_contextual_links($page, 'page', $view, $view->current_display);
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