Commit effdf070 authored by Gábor Hojtsy's avatar Gábor Hojtsy

Issue #3170020 by gabesullice, e0ipso, Wim Leers: The sunset of the API-first initiative

(cherry picked from commit c2bd1a03)
parent c616ff13
......@@ -499,11 +499,6 @@ re-architect or otherwise improve large areas of Drupal core. See for more information on
their responsibilities. The initiative coordinators for Drupal 8 are:
API-first Initiative
- Wim Leers 'Wim Leers'
- Mateu Aguiló Bosch 'e0ipso'
- Gabe Sullice 'gabesullice'
Admin UI & JavaScript Modernisation Initiative
- Cristina Chumillas 'ckrina'
- Sally Young 'justafish'
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