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#108456 by RobRoy: optional custom teaser lengths and much needed...

#108456 by RobRoy: optional custom teaser lengths and much needed documentation on how node_teaser works
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......@@ -204,10 +204,23 @@ function node_teaser_js(&$form, &$form_state) {
* Automatically generate a teaser for a node body in a given format.
* @param $body
* The content for which a teaser will be generated.
* @param $format
* The format of the content. If the content contains PHP code, we do not
* split it up to prevent parse errors.
* @param $size
* The desired character length of the teaser. If omitted, the default
* value will be used.
* @return
* The generated teaser.
function node_teaser($body, $format = NULL) {
function node_teaser($body, $format = NULL, $size = NULL) {
$size = variable_get('teaser_length', 600);
if (!isset($size)) {
$size = variable_get('teaser_length', 600);
// Find where the delimiter is in the body
$delimiter = strpos($body, '<!--break-->');
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