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Issue #2059785 by kiamlaluno, longwave: Fix punctuation in field_view_field() docs

parent 98822f70
......@@ -726,9 +726,9 @@ function field_view_value(EntityInterface $entity, $field_name, $item, $display
* This function can be used by third-party modules that need to output an
* isolated field.
* - Do not use inside node (or other entities) templates, use
* - Do not use inside node (or any other entity) templates; use
* render($content[FIELD_NAME]) instead.
* - Do not use to display all fields in an entity, use
* - Do not use to display all fields in an entity; use
* field_attach_prepare_view() and field_attach_view() instead.
* - The field_view_value() function can be used to output a single formatted
* field value, without label or wrapping field markup.
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