Commit eaf4dd39 authored by Dries's avatar Dries
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- Patch #178999 by JohnAlbin, sun and sammys: fixed race condition with drupal_goto().

parent 9b59ff97
......@@ -269,7 +269,9 @@ function drupal_get_destination() {
* It is advised to use drupal_goto() instead of PHP's header(), because
* drupal_goto() will append the user's session ID to the URI when PHP is
* compiled with "--enable-trans-sid".
* compiled with "--enable-trans-sid". In addtion, Drupal will ensure that
* messages set by drupal_set_message() and other session data are written to
* the database before the user is redirected.
* This function ends the request; use it rather than a print theme('page')
* statement in your menu callback.
......@@ -306,13 +308,15 @@ function drupal_goto($path = '', $query = NULL, $fragment = NULL, $http_response
// Before the redirect, allow modules to react to the end of the page request.
module_invoke_all('exit', $url);
// Here we register header() to be called after exit(). Because
// session_write_close() was registered before header() all session
// data will be written to the database before the header is sent to the
// browser.
register_shutdown_function('header', "Location: $url", TRUE, $http_response_code);
// Even though session_write_close() is registered as a shutdown function, we
// need all session data written to the database before the redirect.
// Make sure none of the code below the drupal_goto() call gets executed.
header('Location: '. $url, TRUE, $http_response_code);
// The "Location" header sends a redirect status code to the HTTP daemon. In
// some cases this can go wrong, so we make sure none of the code below the
// drupal_goto() call gets executed when we redirect.
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