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- Patch #508756 by catch, crell et al: rest in peace db_placeholders().

parent ae8821cf
......@@ -2021,23 +2021,6 @@ function update_sql($sql) {
return array('success' => $result !== FALSE, 'query' => check_plain($sql));
* Generate placeholders for an array of query arguments of a single type.
* Given a Schema API field type, return correct %-placeholders to
* embed in a query
* @todo This may be possible to remove in favor of db_select().
* @param $arguments
* An array with at least one element.
* @param $type
* The Schema API type of a field (e.g. 'int', 'text', or 'varchar').
function db_placeholders($arguments, $type = 'int') {
$placeholder = db_type_placeholder($type);
return implode(',', array_fill(0, count($arguments), $placeholder));
* Wraps the given table.field entry with a DISTINCT(). The wrapper is added to
* the SELECT list entry of the given query and the resulting query is returned.
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