Commit e6967af9 authored by webchick's avatar webchick
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Issue #2423953 by mpdonadio: Properly comment use of Url::fromUri('base:core/authorize.php')

parent 5259e3b9
......@@ -420,8 +420,8 @@ function system_authorized_init($callback, $file, $arguments = array(), $page_ti
* @see system_authorized_init()
function system_authorized_get_url(array $options = array()) {
global $base_url;
// Prefix with $base_url so url() treats it as an external link.
// core/authorize.php is an unrouted URL, so using the base: scheme is
// the correct usage for this case.
$url = Url::fromUri('base:core/authorize.php');
$url_options = $url->getOptions();
$url->setOptions($options + $url_options);
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