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Issue #2828073 by hchonov, tstoeckler: Cloning an entity with initialized...

Issue #2828073 by hchonov, tstoeckler: Cloning an entity with initialized translations leaves $entityKeys and $translatableEntityKeys pointing to the old entity object
parent 2581ebd3
......@@ -1094,7 +1094,8 @@ public function __clone() {
// Ensure that the following properties are actually cloned by
// overwriting the original references with ones pointing to copies of
// them: enforceIsNew, newRevision, loadedRevisionId and fields.
// them: enforceIsNew, newRevision, loadedRevisionId, fields, entityKeys and
// translatableEntityKeys.
$enforce_is_new = $this->enforceIsNew;
$this->enforceIsNew = &$enforce_is_new;
......@@ -1107,6 +1108,12 @@ public function __clone() {
$fields = $this->fields;
$this->fields = &$fields;
$entity_keys = $this->entityKeys;
$this->entityKeys = &$entity_keys;
$translatable_entity_keys = $this->translatableEntityKeys;
$this->translatableEntityKeys = &$translatable_entity_keys;
foreach ($this->fields as $name => $values) {
$this->fields[$name] = [];
// Untranslatable fields may have multiple references for the same field
......@@ -179,4 +179,44 @@ public function testNewRevisionOnCloneEntityTranslation() {
* Tests modifications on entity keys of a cloned entity object.
public function testEntityKeysModifications() {
// Create a test entity with a translation, which will internally trigger
// entity cloning for the new translation and create references for some of
// the entity properties.
$entity = EntityTestMulRev::create([
'name' => 'original-name',
'uuid' => 'original-uuid',
'language' => 'en',
// Clone the entity.
$clone = clone $entity;
// Alter a non-translatable and a translatable entity key fields of the
// cloned entity and assert that retrieving the value through the entity
// keys local cache will be different for the cloned and the original
// entity.
// We first have to call the ::uuid() and ::label() method on the original
// entity as it is going to cache the field values into the $entityKeys and
// $translatableEntityKeys properties of the entity object and we want to
// check that the cloned and the original entity aren't sharing the same
// reference to those local cache properties.
$uuid_field_name = $entity->getEntityType()->getKey('uuid');
$clone->$uuid_field_name->value = 'clone-uuid';
$this->assertEquals('original-uuid', $entity->uuid());
$this->assertEquals('clone-uuid', $clone->uuid());
$label_field_name = $entity->getEntityType()->getKey('label');
$clone->$label_field_name->value = 'clone-name';
$this->assertEquals('original-name', $entity->label());
$this->assertEquals('clone-name', $clone->label());
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