Commit e62b3ae5 authored by jhodgdon's avatar jhodgdon
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Issue #1933954 by Alexander Pyle: Fix up documentation for return value of hook_requirements

parent 4411dab9
......@@ -2314,8 +2314,9 @@ function hook_file_url_alter(&$uri) {
* status report page.
* @return
* A keyed array of requirements. Each requirement is itself an array with
* the following items:
* An associative array where the keys are arbitrary but must be unique (it
* is suggested to use the module short name as a prefix) and the values are
* themselves associative arrays with the following elements:
* - title: The name of the requirement.
* - value: The current value (e.g., version, time, level, etc). During
* install phase, this should only be used for version numbers, do not set
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