Commit e5a197cf authored by damiankloip's avatar damiankloip Committed by tim.plunkett

Issue #1776494 by damiankloip: Add a generic test for all Views plugin instances.

parent f4e95973
* @file
* Definition of Drupal\views\Tests\Plugin\PluginInstanceTest.
namespace Drupal\views\Tests\Plugin;
use Drupal\simpletest\UnitTestBase;
use Drupal\views\Plugin\Type\ViewsPluginManager;
* Checks general plugin data and instances for all plugin types.
class PluginInstanceTest extends UnitTestBase {
* All views plugin types.
* @var array
protected $plugin_types = array(
public static function getInfo() {
return array(
'name' => 'Plugin instance unit tests',
'description' => 'Tests that an instance of all views plugins can be created.',
'group' => 'Views Plugins',
* Confirms that there is plugin data for all views plugin types.
public function testPluginData() {
$plugin_data = $this->getViewsPluginData();
// Check we have an array of data.
$this->assertTrue(is_array($plugin_data), 'Plugin data is an array.');
// Check all plugin types.
foreach ($this->plugin_types as $type) {
$this->assertTrue(array_key_exists($type, $plugin_data), format_string('Key for plugin type @type found.', array('@type' => $type)));
$this->assertTrue(is_array($plugin_data[$type]) && !empty($plugin_data[$type]), format_string('Plugin type @type has an array of plugins.', array('@type' => $type)));
// Tests that the plugin list has not missed any types.
$diff = array_diff(array_keys($plugin_data), $this->plugin_types);
$this->assertTrue(empty($diff), 'All plugins were found and matched.');
* Tests creating instances of every views plugin.
* This will iterate through all plugins from _views_fetch_plugin_data().
public function testPluginInstances() {
foreach ($this->getViewsPluginData() as $type => $plugins) {
// Get a plugin manager for this type.
$manager = new ViewsPluginManager($type);
foreach ($plugins as $definition) {
// Get a reflection class for this plugin.
// We only want to test true plugins, i.e. They extend PluginBase.
$reflection = new \ReflectionClass($definition['class']);
if ($reflection->isSubclassOf('Drupal\views\Plugin\views\PluginBase')) {
// Create a plugin instance and check what it is. This is not just
// good to check they can be created but for throwing any notices for
// method signatures etc... too.
$instance = $manager->createInstance($definition['id']);
$this->assertTrue($instance instanceof $definition['class'], format_string('Instance of @type:@id created', array('@type' => $type, '@id' => $definition['id'])));
* Gets all views plugin definition data.
* @return array
* A nested array of plugin data, keyed by plugin type.
public function getViewsPluginData() {
include_once drupal_get_path('module', 'views') . '/views.module';
return views_get_plugin_definitions();
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