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- Patch #655046 by thegreat: fixed typo in documentation.

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......@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@
* of them can use the same load function user_category_load(), by setting
* the load arguments to array('%map', '%index'). For instance, if the user
* is editing category 'foo' by requesting path 'user/32/edit/foo', the load
* function user_category_load() will be called with 23 as its first
* function user_category_load() will be called with 32 as its first
* argument, the array ('user', 32, 'edit', 'foo') as the map argument,
* and 1 as the index argument (because %user_category is the second path
* component and numbering starts at zero). user_category_load() can then
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