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Issue #3123933 by greg.1.anderson, alexpott, longwave, xjm: Determine whether...

Issue #3123933 by greg.1.anderson, alexpott, longwave, xjm: Determine whether ComposerProjectTemplatesTest is testing the internet, and if it is, avoid that

(cherry picked from commit a6eaea1b)
parent 397c0ef7
......@@ -105,17 +105,44 @@ public function testVerifyTemplateTestProviderIsAccurate() {
* @dataProvider provideTemplateCreateProject
public function testTemplateCreateProject($project, $package_dir, $docroot_dir) {
$composerVersionLine = exec('composer --version');
if (strpos($composerVersionLine, 'Composer version 2') !== FALSE) {
$this->markTestSkipped('We cannot run the template create project test with Composer 2 until we have a stable version of composer/semver 2.x. The create project test installs drupal/core-recommended and the Drupal Composer plugins from Packagist, so these must also be compatible with Composer 2.x in order for this test to work.');
$composer_version_line = exec('composer --version');
if (strpos($composer_version_line, 'Composer version 2') !== FALSE) {
// @todo Remove in https://www.drupal.org/project/drupal/issues/3128631
$this->markTestSkipped("Composer 2 not supported for this test yet.");
// Make a working COMPOSER_HOME directory for setting global composer config
$composer_home = $this->getWorkspaceDirectory() . '/composer-home';
// Disable packagist globally (but only in our own custom COMPOSER_HOME).
// It is necessary to do this globally rather than in our SUT composer.json
// in order to ensure that Packagist is disabled during the
// `composer create-project` command.
$this->executeCommand("COMPOSER_HOME=$composer_home composer config --no-interaction --global repo.packagist false");
// Get the Drupal core version branch. For instance, this should be
// 8.9.x-dev for the 8.9.x branch.
$core_version = Composer::drupalVersionBranch();
// Create a "Composer"-type repository containing one entry for every
// package in the vendor directory.
$vendor_packages_path = $this->getWorkspaceDirectory() . '/vendor_packages/packages.json';
// Make a copy of the code to alter.
// Remove the packages.drupal.org entry (and any other custom repository)
// from the SUT's repositories section. There is no way to do this via
// `composer config --unset`, so we read and rewrite composer.json.
$composer_json_path = $this->getWorkspaceDirectory() . "/$package_dir/composer.json";
$composer_json = json_decode(file_get_contents($composer_json_path), TRUE);
$json = json_encode($composer_json, JSON_PRETTY_PRINT | JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES);
file_put_contents($composer_json_path, $json);
// Set up the template to use our path repos. Inclusion of metapackages is
// reported differently, so we load up a separate set for them.
$metapackage_path_repos = $this->getPathReposForType($this->getWorkspaceDirectory(), 'Metapackage');
......@@ -123,17 +150,20 @@ public function testTemplateCreateProject($project, $package_dir, $docroot_dir)
// Always add drupal/core as a path repo.
$path_repos['drupal/core'] = $this->getWorkspaceDirectory() . '/core';
foreach ($path_repos as $name => $path) {
$this->executeCommand('composer config repositories.' . $name . ' path ' . $path, $package_dir);
$this->executeCommand("composer config --no-interaction repositories.$name path $path", $package_dir);
$this->executeCommand("composer config --no-interaction repositories.local composer file://" . $vendor_packages_path, $package_dir);
$repository_path = $this->getWorkspaceDirectory() . '/test_repository/packages.json';
$this->makeTestPackage($repository_path, $core_version);
$autoloader = $this->getWorkspaceDirectory() . '/testproject' . $docroot_dir . '/autoload.php';
$this->executeCommand("COMPOSER_CORE_VERSION=$core_version composer create-project $project testproject $core_version -s dev -vv --repository $repository_path");
$this->executeCommand("COMPOSER_HOME=$composer_home COMPOSER_ROOT_VERSION=$core_version composer create-project --no-ansi $project testproject $core_version -s dev -vv --repository $repository_path");
// Ensure we used the project from our codebase.
......@@ -141,7 +171,8 @@ public function testTemplateCreateProject($project, $package_dir, $docroot_dir)
// Ensure that we used drupal/core from our codebase. This probably means
// that drupal/core-recommended was added successfully by the project.
$this->assertErrorOutputContains("Installing drupal/core ($core_version): Symlinking from");
// Verify that there is an autoloader.
// Verify that there is an autoloader. This is written by the scaffold
// plugin, so its existence assures us that scaffolding happened.
// In order to verify that Composer used the path repos for our project, we
......@@ -214,4 +245,45 @@ protected function makeTestPackage($repository_path, $version) {
file_put_contents($repository_path, $json);
* Creates a test package that points to all the projects in vendor.
* @param string $repository_path
* The path where to create the test package.
protected function makeVendorPackage($repository_path) {
$root = $this->getDrupalRoot();
$process = $this->executeCommand("composer --working-dir=$root info --format=json");
$installed = json_decode($process->getOutput(), TRUE);
// Build out package definitions for everything installed in
// the vendor directory.
$packages = [];
foreach ($installed['installed'] as $project) {
$name = $project['name'];
$version = $project['version'];
$path = "vendor/$name";
$full_path = "$root/$path";
// We are building a set of path repositories to projects in the vendor
// directory, so we will skip any project that does not exist in vendor.
if (is_dir($full_path)) {
$packages['packages'][$name] = [
$version => [
"name" => $name,
"dist" => [
"type" => "path",
"url" => $path,
"version" => $version,
$json = json_encode($packages, JSON_PRETTY_PRINT | JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES);
file_put_contents($repository_path, $json);
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