Commit db8215e5 authored by Dries Buytaert's avatar Dries Buytaert
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- Patch #231190 by Dries: drupalHead repeated twice. Oops.

parent 66d67439
......@@ -906,23 +906,6 @@ function drupalHead($path, $options = array()) {
return $out;
* Retrieves only the headers for a Drupal path or an absolute path.
* @param $path
* Drupal path or url to load into internal browser
* @param $options
* Options to be forwarded to url().
* @return
* The retrieved headers, also available as $this->drupalGetContent()
function drupalHead($path, $options = array()) {
$options['absolute'] = TRUE;
$out = $this->curlExec(array(CURLOPT_HEADER => TRUE, CURLOPT_NOBODY => TRUE, CURLOPT_URL => url($path, $options)));
$this->refreshVariables(); // Ensure that any changes to variables in the other thread are picked up.
return $out;
* Handle form input related to drupalPost(). Ensure that the specified fields
* exist and attempt to create POST data in the correct manner for the particular
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