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- Patch #78941 by kkaefer and ksenzee: added missing file.

parent a86223cd
// $Id$
(function ($) {
* Shows checked and disabled checkboxes for inherited permissions.
Drupal.behaviors.permissions = {
attach: function (context) {
$('table#permissions:not(.permissions-processed)').each(function () {
// Create dummy checkboxes. We use dummy checkboxes instead of reusing
// the existing checkboxes here because new checkboxes don't alter the
// submitted form. If we'd automatically check existing checkboxes, the
// permission table would be polluted with redundant entries. This
// is deliberate, but desirable when we automatically check them.
$(':checkbox', this).not('[name^="2["]').not('[name^="1["]').each(function () {
$('<input type="checkbox" class="dummy-checkbox" disabled="disabled" checked="checked" />')
.attr('title', Drupal.t("This permission is inherited from the authenticated user role."))
// Helper function toggles all dummy checkboxes based on the checkboxes'
// state. If the "authenticated user" checkbox is checked, the checked
// and disabled checkboxes are shown, the real checkboxes otherwise.
var toggle = function () {
.find('.real-checkbox')[this.checked ? 'hide' : 'show']().end()
.find('.dummy-checkbox')[this.checked ? 'show' : 'hide']();
// Initialize the authenticated user checkbox.
$(':checkbox[name^="2["]', this)
.each(function () {; });
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