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- Patch #491490 by torelad: updated hook_perm() documentation.

parent b6553856
......@@ -551,11 +551,13 @@ function hook_system_info_alter(&$info, $file) {
* Define user permissions.
* This hook can supply permissions that the module defines, so that they
* can be selected on the user permissions page and used to restrict
* can be selected on the user permissions page and used to grant or restrict
* access to actions the module performs.
* @return
* An array of which permission names are the keys and their corresponding value is a description of the permission
* An array of permissions where the permission name is the array key and the
* corresponding key value is an array of key/value pairs specifying
* the permission's title and description
* The permissions in the array do not need to be wrapped with the function t(),
* since the string extractor takes care of extracting permission names defined in the perm hook for translation.
......@@ -566,7 +568,10 @@ function hook_system_info_alter(&$info, $file) {
function hook_perm() {
return array(
'administer my module' => t('Perform maintenance tasks for my module'),
'administer my module' => array(
'title' => t('Administer my module'),
'description' => t('Perform administration tasks for my module.'),
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