Commit da55db28 authored by Dries Buytaert's avatar Dries Buytaert
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- Patch #24023 by dww: rename form_get_option_key() and fix its behavior.

parent 2d7ab225
......@@ -942,24 +942,53 @@ function form_select_options($element, $choices = NULL) {
* Traverses a select element's #option array looking for the object that
* holds the given key. Returns FALSE if not found. As usual with functions
* that can return 0 or FALSE do not forget to use === and !== if needed.
* Traverses a select element's #option array looking for any values
* that hold the given key. Returns an array of indexes that match.
* This function is useful if you need to modify the options that are
* already in a form element, for example, to remove choices which are
* not valid because of additional filters imposed by another module.
* One example might be altering the choices in a taxonomy selector.
* To correctly handle the case of a multiple hierarchy taxonomy,
* #options arrays can now hold an array of objects, instead of a
* direct mapping of keys to labels, so that multiple choices in the
* selector can have the same key (and label). This makes it difficult
* to manipulate directly, which is why this helper function exists.
* This function does not support optgroups (when the elements of the
* #options array are themselves arrays), and will return FALSE if
* arrays are found. The caller must either flatten/restore or
* manually do their manipulations in this case, since returning the
* index is not sufficient, and supporting this would make the
* "helper" too complicated and cumbersome to be of any help.
* As usual with functions that can return array() or FALSE, do not
* forget to use === and !== if needed.
* @param $element
* The select element.
* The select element to search.
* @param $key
* The key to look for.
* @return
* The index of the object that held the $key with some value, or FALSE.
* An array of indexes that match the given $key. Array will be
* empty if no elements were found. FALSE if optgroups were found.
function form_get_option_key($element, $key) {
foreach ($element['#options'] as $index => $object) {
if (isset($object->option[$key])) {
return $index;
function form_get_options($element, $key) {
$keys = array();
foreach ($element['#options'] as $index => $choice) {
if (is_array($choice)) {
return FALSE;
else if (is_object($choice)) {
if (isset($choice->option[$key])) {
$keys[] = $index;
else if ($index == $key) {
$keys[] = $index;
return FALSE;
return $keys;
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