Commit da1b4bb9 authored by webchick's avatar webchick

#410636 by randallknutson, c960657, Berdir: Fixed D6->D7 update does not create required menus.

parent c240ea57
......@@ -2304,6 +2304,27 @@ function system_update_7052() {
db_change_field('menu_router', 'file', 'include_file', array('type' => 'text', 'size' => 'medium'));
* Upgrade standard blocks and menus.
function system_update_7053() {
// Navigation block is now defined in system module.
->fields(array('module' => 'system'))
->condition('module', 'user')
->condition('delta', 'navigation')
// Create the same menus as in menu_install().
->fields(array('menu_name' => 'user-menu', 'title' => 'User Menu', 'description' => "The <em>User</em> menu contains links related to the user's account, as well as the 'Log out' link."))
->fields(array('menu_name' => 'management', 'title' => 'Management', 'description' => "The <em>Management</em> menu contains links for administrative tasks."))
* @} End of "defgroup updates-6.x-to-7.x"
* The next series of updates should start at 8000.
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