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Issue #2359069 by er.pushpinderrana, keso | JeroenT: Remove drupal_html_to_text().

parent 0287c86c
......@@ -170,31 +170,3 @@ function drupal_mail_system($module, $key) {
function drupal_wrap_mail($text, $indent = '') {
return MailFormatHelper::wrapMail($text, $indent);
* Transforms an HTML string into plain text, preserving its structure.
* The output will be suitable for use as 'format=flowed; delsp=yes' text
* (RFC 3676) and can be passed directly to drupal_mail() for sending.
* We deliberately use LF rather than CRLF, see drupal_mail().
* This function provides suitable alternatives for the following tags:
* <a> <em> <i> <strong> <b> <br> <p> <blockquote> <ul> <ol> <li> <dl> <dt>
* <dd> <h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6> <hr>
* @param $string
* The string to be transformed.
* @param $allowed_tags (optional)
* If supplied, a list of tags that will be transformed. If omitted, all
* all supported tags are transformed.
* @return
* The transformed string.
* @deprecated in Drupal 8.x-dev, will be removed before Drupal 8.0.
* Use \Drupal\Core\Utility\Mail::htmlToText().
function drupal_html_to_text($string, $allowed_tags = NULL) {
return MailFormatHelper::htmlToText($string, $allowed_tags);
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