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Issue #2032453 by Berdir: Fixed Random fail: WebTestBase::randomString...

Issue #2032453 by Berdir: Fixed Random fail: WebTestBase::randomString returning a string containing a $ followed by a number causes assertLink() to fail.
parent 446016a7
......@@ -169,7 +169,9 @@ public function testRandomStringValidator() {
* TRUE if the random string is valid, FALSE if not.
public function _RandomStringValidate($string) {
if (empty($this->firstStringGenerated)) {
// Return FALSE for the first generated string and any string that is the
// same, as the test expects a different string to be returned.
if (empty($this->firstStringGenerated) || $string == $this->firstStringGenerated) {
$this->firstStringGenerated = $string;
return FALSE;
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