Commit d7684e47 authored by Steven Wittens's avatar Steven Wittens
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- Made the font in the links bar a bit smaller to accomodate for the increase in links lately

parent 54e1557e
......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ function linksbar() { // helper function to prevent double code
<td class="lgl"><img src="themes/goofy/images/null.gif" alt=""></td>
<td class="lgcnt" width="100%" valign="top"><div align="center"><big><?php print $this->links(link_page()); ?></big></div></td>
<td class="lgcnt" width="100%" valign="top"><div align="center"><?php print $this->links(link_page()); ?></div></td>
<td class="lgr"><img src="themes/goofy/images/null.gif" alt=""></td>
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