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- I forgot to remove these earlier when we renamed them.

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// $Id$
* In order to customize user profiles, replace the HTML below with your own
* wrapper and then sprinkle drupal_render($account->content[foo]) calls
* where you need each piece of data to appear. Replace the 'foo' in the
* example above with the element that is desired such as
* drupal_render($account->content['summary']['member_for']).
// Uncomment the line below to see what data is available in this template.
# print '<pre>'. check_plain(print_r($account->content, 1)) .'</pre>';
<div class="profile">
// The following line should always be the last PHP in this file. Do not remove.
print drupal_render($account->content);
\ No newline at end of file
// $Id$
<?php if ($element['#title']): ?>
<h3><?php print $element['#title'] ?></h3>
<?php endif; ?>
<dl<?php (isset($element['#attributes']) ? print drupal_attributes($element['#attributes']) : '') ?>>
<?php print $element['#children'] ?>
// $Id$
$attributes = isset($element['#attributes']) ? ' '. drupal_attributes($element['#attributes']) : '';
<dt<?php print $attributes ?>><?php print $element['#title'] ?></dt>
<dd<?php print $attributes ?>><?php print $element['#value'] ?></dd>
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