Commit d6c286a5 authored by Gábor Hojtsy's avatar Gábor Hojtsy
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#206778 by dvessel: prevent themes from using their sub-theme's templates, when not intended

parent 8e765744
......@@ -757,10 +757,24 @@ function drupal_find_theme_templates($cache, $extension, $path) {
// Escape the periods in the extension.
$regex = str_replace('.', '\.', $extension) .'$';
// Collect sub-themes for the current theme. This allows base themes to have
// sub-themes in its folder hierarchy without affecting the base theme.
global $theme;
$sub_themes = array();
foreach (list_themes() as $theme_info) {
if (!empty($theme_info->base_theme) && $theme_info->base_theme == $theme) {
$sub_themes[] = dirname($theme_info->filename);
// Because drupal_system_listing works the way it does, we check for real
// templates separately from checking for patterns.
$files = drupal_system_listing($regex, $path, 'name', 0);
foreach ($files as $template => $file) {
// Catch sub-themes and skip.
if (strpos($file->filename, str_replace($sub_themes, '', $file->filename)) !== 0) {
// Chop off the remaining extensions if there are any. $template already
// has the rightmost extension removed, but there might still be more,
// such as with .tpl.php, which still has .tpl in $template at this point.
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