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Issue #2494313 by Pere Orga, sumitmadan: Follow up to Spellchecking Drupal - PHP

parent 921db1f5
id: d6_system_maintenance
label: Drupal 6 maintainence page configuration
label: Drupal 6 maintenance page configuration
- Drupal 6
......@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@ function testConditionalRequests() {
$this->drupalGet('', array(), array('If-Modified-Since: ' . $last_modified, 'If-None-Match: ' . $etag));
$this->assertResponse(200, 'Conditional request returned 200 OK for authenticated user.');
$this->assertFalse($this->drupalGetHeader('X-Drupal-Cache'), 'Absense of Page was not cached.');
$this->assertFalse($this->drupalGetHeader('X-Drupal-Cache'), 'Absence of Page was not cached.');
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ public function assertCRUD($php) {
$this->assertTrue($php->exists($name), 'Exists works correctly');
// Delete the file, and then ensure exists() returns FALSE.
$this->assertTrue($php->delete($name), 'Delete suceeded');
$this->assertTrue($php->delete($name), 'Delete succeeded');
$this->assertFalse($php->exists($name), 'Delete deleted file');
// Ensure delete() can be called on a non-existing file. It should return
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