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Issue #2452995 by Jeroen: link_path should be url in the menu API documentation

parent f3772b13
......@@ -337,9 +337,9 @@
* - title: (required) The untranslated title of the menu link.
* - description: The untranslated description of the link.
* - route_name: (optional) The route name to be used to build the path.
* Either a route_name or a link_path must be provided.
* Either a route_name or a url must be provided.
* - route_parameters: (optional) The route parameters to build the path.
* - link_path: (optional) If you have an external link use link_path instead
* - url: (optional) If you have an external link use url instead
* of providing a route_name.
* - parent: (optional) The machine name of the link that is this link's menu
* parent.
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