Commit d317f6b3 authored by alexpott's avatar alexpott
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Issue #2348137 by daffie: Enable WAL journal mode by default for SQLite database

parent f51a120c
......@@ -124,6 +124,16 @@ public static function open(array &$connection_options = array()) {
// Create a user-space case-insensitive collation with UTF-8 support.
$pdo->sqliteCreateCollation('NOCASE_UTF8', array('Drupal\Component\Utility\Unicode', 'strcasecmp'));
// Set SQLite init_commands if not already defined. Enable the Write-Ahead
// Logging (WAL) for SQLite. See and
$connection_options += array(
'init_commands' => array(),
$connection_options['init_commands'] += array(
'wal' => "PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL",
// Execute sqlite init_commands.
if (isset($connection_options['init_commands'])) {
$pdo->exec(implode('; ', $connection_options['init_commands']));
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