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#189205 by webernet: fix missing quite in code documentation

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......@@ -965,7 +965,7 @@ function theme_render_template($file, $variables) {
* Additionally, the theme() function can take an array of theme
* hooks, which can be used to provide 'fallback' implementations to
* allow for more specific control of output. For example, the function:
* theme(array('table__foo', 'table), $header, $rows) would look to see if
* theme(array('table__foo', 'table'), $header, $rows) would look to see if
* 'table__foo' is registered anywhere; if it is not, it would 'fall back'
* to the generic 'table' implementation. This can be used to attach specific
* theme functions to named objects, allowing the themer more control over
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