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Issue #2112045 by Wim Leers, Berdir: Fix up documentation for cache tags

parent 3e5e3f46
......@@ -14,6 +14,10 @@ interface CachedDiscoveryInterface extends DiscoveryInterface {
* Clears static and persistent plugin definition caches.
* Don't resort to calling \Drupal::cache()->delete() and friends to make
* Drupal detect new or updated plugin definitions. Always use this method on
* the appropriate plugin type's plugin manager!
public function clearCachedDefinitions();
......@@ -121,8 +121,13 @@ public function __construct($subdir, \Traversable $namespaces, $plugin_definitio
* Cache key prefix to use, the language code will be appended
* automatically.
* @param array $cache_tags
* (optional) When providing a list of cache tags, the cached definitions
* are tagged and are used to clear the cache.
* (optional) When providing a list of cache tags, the cached plugin
* definitions are tagged with the provided cache tags. These cache tags can
* then be used to clear the corresponding cached plugin definitions. Note
* that this should be used with care! For clearing all cached plugin
* definitions of a plugin manager, call that plugin manager's
* clearCachedDefinitions() method. Only use cache tags when cached plugin
* definitions should be cleared along with other, related cache entries.
public function setCacheBackend(CacheBackendInterface $cache_backend, LanguageManager $language_manager, $cache_key_prefix, array $cache_tags = array()) {
$this->languageManager = $language_manager;
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