Commit cbcd94c2 authored by natrak's avatar natrak
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- Added real name in the for when the user is looking at their own information
  as reported by Gerhard Killesreiter
parent 8f74184a
......@@ -188,6 +188,7 @@ function account_user($uname) {
if ($user->id && $user->userid == $uname) {
$output .= "<TABLE BORDER=\"0\" CELLPADDING=\"2\" CELLSPACING=\"2\">\n";
$output .= " <TR><TD ALIGN=\"right\"><B>". t("Username") .":</B></TD><TD>$user->userid</TD></TR>\n";
$output .= " <TR><TD ALIGN=\"right\"><B>". t("Real name") .":</B></TD><TD>". check_output($user->name) ."</TD></TR>\n";
$output .= " <TR><TD ALIGN=\"right\"><B>". t("E-mail") .":</B></TD><TD>". format_email($user->fake_email) ."</A></TD></TR>\n";
$output .= " <TR><TD ALIGN=\"right\"><B>". t("Homepage") .":</B></TD><TD>". format_url($user->url) ."</TD></TR>\n";
$output .= " <TR><TD ALIGN=\"right\" VALIGN=\"top\"><B>". t("Bio") .":</B></TD><TD>". check_output($user->bio, 1) ."</TD></TR>\n";
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