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Issue #2912399 by wengerk, tedbow, Wim Leers: Extend the CKEditorIntegrationTest for DrupalImage

parent a4cedd8c
......@@ -119,4 +119,24 @@ public function testFragmentLink() {
self::assertEquals($before_url, $after_url, 'History back works.');
* Tests if the Image button appears and works as expected.
public function testDrupalImageDialog() {
$session = $this->getSession();
$web_assert = $this->assertSession();
// Asserts the Image button is present in the toolbar.
$web_assert->elementExists('css', '#cke_edit-body-0-value .cke_button__drupalimage');
// Asserts the image dialog opens when clicking the Image button.
$this->assertNotEmpty($web_assert->waitForElement('css', '.ui-dialog'));
$web_assert->elementContains('css', '.ui-dialog .ui-dialog-titlebar', 'Insert Image');
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