Commit c8b23d9a authored by webchick's avatar webchick

#201799 by yched, quicksketch: compute identation width for draggables better,...

#201799 by yched, quicksketch: compute identation width for draggables better, counting on padding and margin as well as measuring the width at the place where it is used (taking possible CSS overrides into account)
parent a4cb8e0a
......@@ -73,10 +73,12 @@ Drupal.tableDrag = function(table, tableSettings) {
this.indentCount = 1; // Total width of indents, set in makeDraggable.
// Find the width of indentations to measure mouse movements against.
// Because the table doesn't need to start with any indentations, we
// manually create an empty div, check it's width, then remove.
var indent = $(Drupal.theme('tableDragIndentation')).appendTo('body');
this.indentAmount = parseInt(indent.css('width'));
// manually append 2 indentations in the first draggable row, measure
// the offset, then remove.
var indent = Drupal.theme('tableDragIndentation');
var testCell = $('tr.draggable:first td:first', table).prepend(indent).prepend(indent);
this.indentAmount = $('.indentation', testCell).get(1).offsetLeft - $('.indentation', testCell).get(0).offsetLeft;
$('.indentation', testCell).slice(0, 2).remove();
// Make each applicable row draggable.
......@@ -407,7 +409,7 @@ Drupal.tableDrag.prototype.dragRow = function(event, self) {
if (self.indentEnabled) {
var xDiff = self.currentMouseCoords.x - self.dragObject.indentMousePos.x;
// Set the number of indentations the mouse has been moved left or right.
var indentDiff = parseInt(xDiff / self.indentAmount * self.rtl);
var indentDiff = Math.round(xDiff / self.indentAmount * self.rtl);
// Indent the row with our estimated diff, which may be further
// restricted according to the rows around this row.
var indentChange = self.rowObject.indent(indentDiff);
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