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#445748 by dww and Dave Reid: Add a hook_update_projects_alter() for modules...

#445748 by dww and Dave Reid: Add a hook_update_projects_alter() for modules that wish to do modify data in update status module.
parent aba81ab9
......@@ -11,6 +11,70 @@
* @{
* Alter the list of projects before fetching data and comparing versions.
* Most modules will never need to implement this hook. It is for advanced
* interaction with the update status module: mere mortals need not apply.
* The primary use-case for this hook is to add projects to the list, for
* example, to provide update status data on disabled modules and themes. A
* contributed module might want to hide projects from the list, for example,
* if there is a site-specific module that doesn't have any official releases,
* that module could remove itself from this list to avoid "No available
* releases found" warnings on the available updates report. In rare cases, a
* module might want to alter the data associated with a project already in
* the list.
* @param $projects
* Reference to an array of the projects installed on the system. This
* includes all the metadata documented in the comments below for each
* project (either module or theme) that is currently enabled. The array is
* initially populated inside update_get_projects() with the help of
* _update_process_info_list(), so look there for examples of how to
* populate the array with real values.
* @see update_get_projects()
* @see _update_process_info_list()
function hook_update_projects_alter(&$projects) {
// Hide a site-specific module from the list.
// Add a disabled module to the list.
// The key for the array should be the machine-readable project "short name".
$projects['disabled_project_name'] = array(
// Machine-readable project short name (same as the array key above).
'name' => 'disabled_project_name',
// Array of values from the main .info file for this project.
'info' => array(
'name' => 'Some disabled module',
'description' => 'A module not enabled on the site that you want to see in the available updates report.',
'version' => '7.x-1.0',
'core' => '7.x',
// The maximum file change time (the "ctime" returned by the filectime()
// PHP method) for all of the .info files included in this project.
'_info_file_ctime' => 1243888165,
// The date stamp when the project was released, if known. If the disabled
// project was an officially packaged release from, this will
// be included in the .info file as the 'datestamp' field. This only
// really matters for development snapshot releases that are regenerated,
// so it can be left undefined or set to 0 in most cases.
'datestamp' => 1243888185,
// Any modules (or themes) included in this project. Keyed by machine-
// readable "short name", value is the human-readable project name printed
// in the UI.
'includes' => array(
'disabled_project' => 'Disabled module',
'disabled_project_helper' => 'Disabled module helper module',
'disabled_project_foo' => 'Disabled module foo add-on module',
// Does this project contain a 'module', 'theme', 'disabled-module', or
// 'disabled-theme'?
'project_type' => 'disabled-module',
* Alter the information about available updates for projects.
......@@ -38,6 +38,8 @@ function update_get_projects() {
// Still empty, so we have to rebuild the cache.
_update_process_info_list($projects, module_rebuild_cache(), 'module');
_update_process_info_list($projects, system_theme_data(), 'theme');
// Allow other modules to alter projects before fetching and comparing.
drupal_alter('update_projects', $projects);
// Cache the site's project data for at most 1 hour.
_update_cache_set('update_project_projects', $projects, REQUEST_TIME + 3600);
......@@ -91,7 +91,10 @@ function _update_build_fetch_url($project, $site_key = '') {
$name = $project['name'];
$url = $project['info']['project status url'];
$url .= '/' . $name . '/' . DRUPAL_CORE_COMPATIBILITY;
if (!empty($site_key)) {
// Only append a site_key and the version information if we have a site_key
// in the first place, and if this is not a disabled module or theme. We do
// not want to record usage statistics for disabled code.
if (!empty($site_key) && (strpos($project['project_type'], 'disabled') === FALSE)) {
$url .= (strpos($url, '?') === TRUE) ? '&' : '?';
$url .= 'site_key=';
$url .= drupal_urlencode($site_key);
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