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- Patch #382834 by cwgordon7: hook_menu API docs missedsome elements.

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......@@ -41,6 +41,21 @@
* user_access() unless a value is inherited from a parent menu item..
* - "access arguments": An array of arguments to pass to the access callback
* function. Integer values pass the corresponding URL component.
* - "file": A file that will be included before the callbacks are accessed.
* this allows callback functions to be in separate files. The file should
* be relative to the implementing module's directory unless otherwise
* specified by the "file path" option.
* - "file path": The path to the folder containing the file specified in
* "file". This defaults to the path to the module implementing the hook.
* - "load arguments": An array of arguments to be passed to each of the
* object loaders in the path. For example, for the router item at
* node/%node/revisions/%/view, the array(1, 3) will call node_load() with
* the arguments corresponding to the second and fourth url argument;
* as with other arguments, integers are automatically cast to url
* arguments. There are also two "magic" values: "%index" will correspond
* to the url index where the object's load function is specified; "%map"
* will correspond to the full menu map, passed in by reference to the
* load function.
* - "weight": An integer that determines relative position of items in the
* menu; higher-weighted items sink. Defaults to 0. When in doubt, leave
* this alone; the default alphabetical order is usually best.
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