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Issue #2753675 by hchonov, Berdir, timmillwood, tstoeckler: loadUnchanged...

Issue #2753675 by hchonov, Berdir, timmillwood, tstoeckler: loadUnchanged should use the persistent cache to load the unchanged entity if possible instead of invalidating it
parent a251c2da
......@@ -624,6 +624,46 @@ protected function setPersistentCache($entities) {
* {@inheritdoc}
public function loadUnchanged($id) {
$ids = [$id];
// The cache invalidation in the parent has the side effect that loading the
// same entity again during the save process (for example in
// hook_entity_presave()) will load the unchanged entity. Simulate this
// by explicitly removing the entity from the static cache.
// The default implementation in the parent class unsets the current cache
// and then reloads the entity. That is slow, especially if this is done
// repeatedly in the same request, e.g. when validating and then saving
// an entity. Optimize this for content entities by trying to load them
// directly from the persistent cache again, as in contrast to the static
// cache the persistent one will never be changed until the entity is saved.
$entities = $this->getFromPersistentCache($ids);
if (!$entities) {
$entities[$id] = $this->load($id);
else {
// As the entities are put into the persistent cache before the post load
// has been executed we have to execute it if we have retrieved the
// entity directly from the persistent cache.
if ($this->entityType->isStaticallyCacheable()) {
// As we've removed the entity from the static cache already we have to
// put the loaded unchanged entity there to simulate the behavior of the
// parent.
return $entities[$id];
* {@inheritdoc}
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