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Issue #2030775 by Sutharsan, webflo: Reduce dependency of Locale on Update module .

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* @file
* Contains \Drupal\Core\Utility\ProjectInfo.
* API for building lists of installed projects.
namespace Drupal\Core\Utility;
* Performs operations on project data.
class ProjectInfo {
* Populates an array of project data.
* This iterates over a list of the installed modules or themes and groups
* them by project and status. A few parts of this function assume that
* enabled modules and themes are always processed first, and if disabled
* modules or themes are being processed (there is a setting to control if
* disabled code should be included in the Available updates report or not),
* those are only processed after $projects has been populated with
* information about the enabled code. 'Hidden' modules are always ignored.
* 'Hidden' themes are ignored only if they have no enabled sub-themes.
* This function also records the latest change time on the .info.yml
* files for each module or theme, which is important data which is used when
* deciding if the available update data should be invalidated.
* @param $projects
* Reference to the array of project data of what's installed on this site.
* @param $list
* Array of data to process to add the relevant info to the $projects array.
* @param $project_type
* The kind of data in the list. Can be 'module' or 'theme'.
* @param $status
* Boolean that controls what status (enabled or disabled) to process out of
* the $list and add to the $projects array.
* @param $additional_whitelist
* (optional) Array of additional elements to be collected from the .info.yml
* file. Defaults to array().
function processInfoList(&$projects, $list, $project_type, $status, $additional_whitelist = array()) {
foreach ($list as $file) {
// A disabled or hidden base theme of an enabled sub-theme still has all
// of its code run by the sub-theme, so we include it in our "enabled"
// projects list.
if ($status && !empty($file->sub_themes)) {
foreach ($file->sub_themes as $key => $name) {
// Build a list of enabled sub-themes.
if ($list[$key]->status) {
$file->enabled_sub_themes[$key] = $name;
// If the theme is disabled and there are no enabled subthemes, we
// should ignore this base theme for the enabled case. If the site is
// trying to display disabled themes, we'll catch it then.
if (!$file->status && empty($file->enabled_sub_themes)) {
// Otherwise, just add projects of the proper status to our list.
elseif ($file->status != $status) {
// Skip if the .info.yml file is broken.
if (empty($file->info)) {
// Skip if it's a hidden module or hidden theme without enabled sub-themes.
if (!empty($file->info['hidden']) && empty($file->enabled_sub_themes)) {
// If the .info.yml doesn't define the 'project', try to figure it out.
if (!isset($file->info['project'])) {
$file->info['project'] = $this->getProjectName($file);
// If we still don't know the 'project', give up.
if (empty($file->info['project'])) {
// If we don't already know it, grab the change time on the .info.yml file
// itself. Note: we need to use the ctime, not the mtime (modification
// time) since many (all?) tar implementations will go out of their way to
// set the mtime on the files it creates to the timestamps recorded in the
// tarball. We want to see the last time the file was changed on disk,
// which is left alone by tar and correctly set to the time the .info.yml
// file was unpacked.
if (!isset($file->info['_info_file_ctime'])) {
$info_filename = dirname($file->uri) . '/' . $file->name . '.info.yml';
$file->info['_info_file_ctime'] = filectime($info_filename);
if (!isset($file->info['datestamp'])) {
$file->info['datestamp'] = 0;
$project_name = $file->info['project'];
// Figure out what project type we're going to use to display this module
// or theme. If the project name is 'drupal', we don't want it to show up
// under the usual "Modules" section, we put it at a special "Drupal Core"
// section at the top of the report.
if ($project_name == 'drupal') {
$project_display_type = 'core';
else {
$project_display_type = $project_type;
if (empty($status) && empty($file->enabled_sub_themes)) {
// If we're processing disabled modules or themes, append a suffix.
// However, we don't do this to a a base theme with enabled
// subthemes, since we treat that case as if it is enabled.
$project_display_type .= '-disabled';
// Add a list of sub-themes that "depend on" the project and a list of base
// themes that are "required by" the project.
if ($project_name == 'drupal') {
// Drupal core is always required, so this extra info would be noise.
$sub_themes = array();
$base_themes = array();
else {
// Add list of enabled sub-themes.
$sub_themes = !empty($file->enabled_sub_themes) ? $file->enabled_sub_themes : array();
// Add list of base themes.
$base_themes = !empty($file->base_themes) ? $file->base_themes : array();
if (!isset($projects[$project_name])) {
// Only process this if we haven't done this project, since a single
// project can have multiple modules or themes.
$projects[$project_name] = array(
'name' => $project_name,
// Only save attributes from the .info.yml file we care about so we do
// not bloat our RAM usage needlessly.
'info' => $this->filterProjectInfo($file->info, $additional_whitelist),
'datestamp' => $file->info['datestamp'],
'includes' => array($file->name => $file->info['name']),
'project_type' => $project_display_type,
'project_status' => $status,
'sub_themes' => $sub_themes,
'base_themes' => $base_themes,
elseif ($projects[$project_name]['project_type'] == $project_display_type) {
// Only add the file we're processing to the 'includes' array for this
// project if it is of the same type and status (which is encoded in the
// $project_display_type). This prevents listing all the disabled
// modules included with an enabled project if we happen to be checking
// for disabled modules, too.
$projects[$project_name]['includes'][$file->name] = $file->info['name'];
$projects[$project_name]['info']['_info_file_ctime'] = max($projects[$project_name]['info']['_info_file_ctime'], $file->info['_info_file_ctime']);
$projects[$project_name]['datestamp'] = max($projects[$project_name]['datestamp'], $file->info['datestamp']);
if (!empty($sub_themes)) {
$projects[$project_name]['sub_themes'] += $sub_themes;
if (!empty($base_themes)) {
$projects[$project_name]['base_themes'] += $base_themes;
elseif (empty($status)) {
// If we have a project_name that matches, but the project_display_type
// does not, it means we're processing a disabled module or theme that
// belongs to a project that has some enabled code. In this case, we add
// the disabled thing into a separate array for separate display.
$projects[$project_name]['disabled'][$file->name] = $file->info['name'];
* Determines what project a given file object belongs to.
* @param $file
* A file object as returned by system_get_files_database().
* @return
* The canonical project short name.
* @see system_get_files_database()
function getProjectName($file) {
$project_name = '';
if (isset($file->info['project'])) {
$project_name = $file->info['project'];
elseif (isset($file->filename) && (strpos($file->filename, 'core/modules') === 0)) {
$project_name = 'drupal';
return $project_name;
* Filters the project .info.yml data to only save attributes we need.
* @param array $info
* Array of .info.yml file data as returned by drupal_parse_info_file().
* @param $additional_whitelist
* (optional) Array of additional elements to be collected from the .info.yml
* file. Defaults to array().
* @return
* Array of .info.yml file data we need for the update manager.
* @see \Drupal\Core\Utility\ProjectInfo->processInfoList()
function filterProjectInfo($info, $additional_whitelist = array()) {
$whitelist = array(
'project status url',
$whitelist = array_merge($whitelist, $additional_whitelist);
return array_intersect_key($info, drupal_map_assoc($whitelist));
......@@ -6,9 +6,10 @@
use Drupal\Core\Cache;
use Drupal\Core\Utility\ProjectInfo;
* Load the common translation API.
* Load common APIs.
// @todo Combine functions differently in files to avoid unnecessary includes.
// Follow-up issue
......@@ -126,11 +127,6 @@ function locale_translation_build_projects() {
* Array of project data including .info.yml file data.
function locale_translation_project_list() {
// This function depends on Update module. We degrade gracefully.
if (!Drupal::moduleHandler()->moduleExists('update')) {
return array();
$projects = &drupal_static(__FUNCTION__, array());
if (empty($projects)) {
module_load_include('', 'update');
......@@ -143,11 +139,12 @@ function locale_translation_project_list() {
$module_data = _locale_translation_prepare_project_list(system_rebuild_module_data(), 'module');
$theme_data = _locale_translation_prepare_project_list(system_rebuild_theme_data(), 'theme');
update_process_info_list($projects, $module_data, 'module', TRUE, $additional_whitelist);
update_process_info_list($projects, $theme_data, 'theme', TRUE, $additional_whitelist);
$project_info = new ProjectInfo();
$project_info->processInfoList($projects, $module_data, 'module', TRUE, $additional_whitelist);
$project_info->processInfoList($projects, $theme_data, 'theme', TRUE, $additional_whitelist);
if ($config->get('translation.check_disabled_modules')) {
update_process_info_list($projects, $module_data, 'module', FALSE, $additional_whitelist);
update_process_info_list($projects, $theme_data, 'theme', FALSE, $additional_whitelist);
$project_info->processInfoList($projects, $module_data, 'module', FALSE, $additional_whitelist);
$project_info->processInfoList($projects, $theme_data, 'theme', FALSE, $additional_whitelist);
// Allow other modules to alter projects before fetching and comparing.
......@@ -159,9 +156,10 @@ function locale_translation_project_list() {
* Prepare module and theme data.
* Modify .info.yml file data before it is processed by update_process_info_list().
* In order for update_process_info_list() to recognize a project, it requires
* the 'project' parameter in the .info.yml file data.
* Modify .info.yml file data before it is processed by
* \Drupal\Core\Utility\ProjectInfo->processInfoList(). In order for
* \Drupal\Core\Utility\ProjectInfo->processInfoList() to recognize a project,
* it requires the 'project' parameter in the .info.yml file data.
* Custom modules or themes can bring their own gettext translation file. To
* enable import of this file the module or theme defines "interface translation
......@@ -179,8 +177,9 @@ function locale_translation_project_list() {
function _locale_translation_prepare_project_list($data, $type) {
foreach ($data as $name => $file) {
// Include interface translation projects. To allow
// update_process_info_list() to identify this as a project the 'project'
// property is filled with the 'interface translation project' value.
// \Drupal\Core\Utility\ProjectInfo->processInfoList() to identify this as
// a project the 'project' property is filled with the
// 'interface translation project' value.
if (isset($file->info['interface translation project'])) {
$data[$name]->info['project'] = $file->info['interface translation project'];
......@@ -7,6 +7,8 @@
namespace Drupal\update\Tests;
use Drupal\Core\Utility\ProjectInfo;
* Tests behavior related to handling updates to contributed modules and themes.
......@@ -287,7 +289,8 @@ function testUpdateHiddenBaseTheme() {
config('update_test.settings')->set('system_info', $system_info)->save();
$projects = update_get_projects();
$theme_data = system_rebuild_theme_data();
update_process_info_list($projects, $theme_data, 'theme', TRUE);
$project_info = new ProjectInfo();
$project_info->processInfoList($projects, $theme_data, 'theme', TRUE);
$this->assertTrue(!empty($projects['update_test_basetheme']), 'Valid base theme (update_test_basetheme) was found.');
......@@ -28,11 +28,11 @@
* includes all the metadata documented in the comments below for each project
* (either module or theme) that is currently enabled. The array is initially
* populated inside update_get_projects() with the help of
* update_process_info_list(), so look there for examples of how to populate
* the array with real values.
* \Drupal\Core\Utility\ProjectInfo->processInfoList(), so look there for
* examples of how to populate the array with real values.
* @see update_get_projects()
* @see update_process_info_list()
* @see \Drupal\Core\Utility\ProjectInfo->processInfoList()
function hook_update_projects_alter(&$projects) {
// Hide a site-specific module from the list.
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