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Issue #1753976 by savithac, PrabhuG: Fix docs for...

Issue #1753976 by savithac, PrabhuG: Fix docs for hook_file_download_access_alter to not have a return value
parent 3757dcbe
......@@ -51,12 +51,6 @@ function hook_file_download_access($field, Drupal\entity\EntityInterface $entity
* - entity: The entity which references the file.
* - file: The file entity that is being requested.
* @return
* An array of grants, keyed by module name, each with a Boolean grant value.
* Return an empty array to assert FALSE. You may choose to return your own
* module's value in addition to other grants or to overwrite the values set
* by other modules.
* @see hook_file_download_access().
function hook_file_download_access_alter(&$grants, $context) {
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