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......@@ -1178,6 +1178,35 @@ function taxonomy_get_term($tid) {
return $terms[$tid];
* Create a select form element for a given taxonomy vocabulary.
* NOTE: This function expects input that has already been sanitized and is
* safe for display. Callers must properly sanitize the $title and
* $description arguments to prevent XSS vulnerabilities.
* @param $title
* The title of the vocabulary. This MUST be sanitized by the caller.
* @param $name
* Ignored.
* @param $value
* The currently selected terms from this vocabulary, if any.
* @param $vocabulary_id
* The vocabulary ID to build the form element for.
* @param $description
* Help text for the form element. This MUST be sanitized by the caller.
* @param $multiple
* Boolean to control if the form should use a single or multiple select.
* @param $blank
* Optional form choice to use when no value has been selected.
* @param $exclude
* Optional array of term ids to exclude in the selector.
* @return
* A FAPI form array to select terms from the given vocabulary.
* @see taxonomy_form()
* @see taxonomy_form_term()
function _taxonomy_term_select($title, $name, $value, $vocabulary_id, $description, $multiple, $blank, $exclude = array()) {
$tree = taxonomy_get_tree($vocabulary_id);
$options = array();
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